Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Post-Trip Thoughts

Random Thoughts


The general attitude towards Asian is okay, but sometimes not good (except in high-end stores like Hermes where Asians are big spenders). While I do not enjoy the experience of being slightly discriminated, I totally understand why the stereotype is always around. Admittedly, I also felt that some Asians are really behaving badly - pushing, speaking loudly etc... I do not enjoy their presence as well. 

For the unruly behaving Asians, it takes time for them to change. 
For the Europeans, it takes time for them to accept that Asians are getting wealthier and better.


Really Love London as a cosmopolitan city.

However, I also noticed that people in the London Tube seemed to be as unhappy as any folks living in any major cities. Seems to be a global trend that people are still not happy despite having a more affluence and convenient life style.

May be we really need to learn how to slow down.
May be we need to consciously learn to be more grateful.


Rich Culture is a function of affluence.

European countries have rich cultures (ie. Sculpture, Paintings, Music, Fashion etc..) as they have been affluence for a long time (thanks to Renaissance and Industrial revolution).

China used to be in the fore-front during Tang Dynasty 1000 years ago, Egypt might be the leading civilization 5000 years ago.

It is all a function of affluence
- which is a function of productivity and creativity.

I felt that it is a matter of time before we see a new Renaissance in China.

Currently, I have the impression that Chinese branded apparel are inferior, and European branded apparel are superior, I believe my view will change may be in 10-20 years time.

New Asian wealth will bring about a revolution of new culture around the Globe.
Things always change.


Saw many old people traveling in tour groups. It is so inconvenient if you can't walk.
A reminder to explore the world before I grow old or before I die.


Life is about relativity.

While Paris is still strong in engineering with its railway and metro system, and auto industries. Asian countries are really catching up fast with better system and better products.

Constant innovation and improvement in life is a MUST.

There is always room for improvement.
Always a new way to do new things.
Be random.
Be creative.
Be curious.

Think: Why Not?


Size of a Bed

Despite having one of the largest palace in Europe,
the King's bed in the palace of Versailles  is not much bigger than any of ours.


Meaningless Consumerism

After some time, I found shopping really meaningless.


Always remind myself to be grateful to visit the world

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